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Is it possible to have a multiple gum products order be stuffed in a container?

yes, It is possible to add quantities of different grades of gums and combine for a shipment to quantity and economy based on requirements.

Is there is any impact in consolidation of cargo with multiple gums order?

The effect of consolidation can be maximum related to timeline of shipment completion in some cases. It is due to production schedule adjustment.

What is the general stuffing pattern?

One 20 ft container can accommodate 16 MT in palletised or 20 MT in loose bag stuffing. A 40 ft. container can accommodate 24 MT in palletised format. Configuration can be chosen as per client’s needs.

What is the normal lead time for any order to be fulfilled?

We have normally a buffer of stock items and we follow FIFO in our inventory. In normal conditions we can fulfil an urgent order at a notice of 7 days for processing and a normal order is 21 days lead time for completing. This also changes on the quantity and frequency if multiple container order is placed.

What if there is an urgent need of some quantity of Sarda products and the time for order is not suitable to urgency of the need?

It is possible to request other clients in your area if there can be possibility to borrow some of their stock for a short period but we can’t assure such request to be accepted by them every time.

Do you offer customised blends of your gums?

Yes, we can provide you blends of gums according to your needs and we can we also use other additives in these blends as per your instructions. However, such procurements of additional additives must be funded by you in advance.

How do you assure security of blend recipes requested by us in such customised blends?

We can sign an NDA for the purpose. Also, our internal ERP is a highly secured system to record and maintain secrecy of sensitive information.

What if we wish to visit your facility for food safety audit or to know more about your company?

you are most well come to visit our facility with the purpose. With due respect, we would like to inform you that we have a visitors policy and it has to be followed.

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