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Alloy Gums

Alloy gums are the hydrocolloids that are a mixture of two or more materials, produced by blending two or more raw materials. While blending, they synergistically amplify i.e. both components enhance the properties of each other. This product has a unique and versatile pattern of a gelling and thickening agent. Hailing from natural fibers, they make the best vegetable gums.

E.g. – Well-known combination of Cassia tora and Carrageenan as a dry blend, when produced as an alloy, becomes a fantastic elastic gel. They are a reliable replacement for gelatine. We are the only company on the market that can achieve such an expert level in blending.

Benefits of an alloy gum:

  • Its enhanced properties are known to deliver better results.
  • It nullifies the drawbacks of gums which are made from a single material.
  • It is reliable in terms of results.

The Jack of all “Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide”

Tamarind seed in its pure form has an amazing property to act as a sugar binder and film former. The food industry in India has fancied utilizing such variety as a single product. Unfortunately, this was always beyond the reach of average industrial users.

At Sarda Gums, we have manufactured an economic production facility which is now serving many satisfied and happy customers. This made some customers shift from complex blend to a single product.

Benefits of Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide include:

  • Assurance of absolute purity
  • Unique and therefore result-oriented.
  • Economic and simplified.

Online Sterilised processing of Gums

The Whole Food processing world has always been in search of “Safe to Use” and “Free of Hazard” processing technologies. Here at Sarda Group, we prioritize food safety the most. Our innovation center continually come up with unique processing techniques that are applied in our facilities to create a safe to produce environment and to sterilize products online.

This technology is a chemical-free, non-irradiating and safe to adopt processing. our existing clients can visit our facilities to learn about the technique and this knowledge is shared with them to enable them to enhance their facilities to use our products.

Even non-food type gums are also produced under highly controlled conditions. Recently Sarda has introduced a new range of specifications in Guar and Psyllium Husk Powder ranges that are sterilized online during production. These grades have a very low count in TPC (<1000) and Y/M (<50).

Such a controlled and reliable range of grades has placed the Sarda group in the most desired supplier’s category along with all of the major food producers. This gives the food formulators the liberty to include a minimalist concept in the recipe formula and gain higher consumer trust. For example, Sarda’s Guarsar 501 (Viscosity 5500 and 200 mesh) now comes in a new version Guarsar 501F which has very low TPC, superior white in color, very low or almost odor-less as the main features. All these properties while being 100% chemical-free processing are kind of boon to food formulators.

Similarly, very low TPC Psyllium Husk powder in a wide particle size range is the specialized offering from the Sarda group under fair price practices.


Having been serving the world with speciality hydrocolloids for more than 50 years now, Sarda Group companies produce various plant-derived gums that make us truly the hydrocolloid people. We provide solutions for Food, Feed and Industrial applications all over the world.


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