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Konjac Gum

Konjac Gum Powder

Konjac Gum is extracted from tubers of konjac (Lasioideae amorphophallus), which is grown largely in the Far East and Southeast Asia. It is a hetero-polysaccharide consisting of β-D glucose and β-D- mannose, with a glucose to mannose ratio of 1 to 3. Hence it is referred to as a Glucomannan. The Konjac glucomannan is water-soluble under high shear and gets quickly dissolved in aqueous system if cooked.

The viscosity of konjac glucomannan solutions increases with the concentration that is remarkably stable against high salt concentration but highly sensitive to pH. Lower pH systems affect the viscosity adversely. Synergistic effects Konjac can get by cross-linking with other various polysaccharides including xanthan, carrageenan and agar, and form thermally reversible gels. Adding sugar can enhance the strength of the synergistic gel, while adding salt can inhibit the formation of the synergistic gel. This can be used to control its gel-forming capacity.

Its molecular weight is very high and hence it imparts high viscosity in water solutions. This makes it a good thickener for food products. At higher levels of concentration of konjac, a thermally reversible and strong elastic gel will be formed with other hydrocolloids. These gels are freeze–thaw stable and have low syneresis. Such gels can also be formed with mixtures of konjac and carrageenan (showing stronger synergy than carrageenan and LBG). The texture of the gel can be changed by varying the gum ratio.

Aqueous systems made under hot conditions with limewater impart thermally stable gel, which is cut into thin strips and used as a meal component. This concept is also used in meat, seafood and vegetarian products for moisture binding and texture control. Konjac gum is used along with carrageenan in table jellies to give an elastic texture. Its good freeze–thaw stability and control of ice crystal growth makes it a popular gum for use in surimi, and also in ice cream and other frozen desserts. Konjac is approved for use in all of the major countries in the world however with limitations to incorporation. Its high temperature resistance in synergistic combinations are to be used carefully in cup jellies as they may not be desired to have a melting point higher than the normal body temperature.

Konjac Gum Powder

Konjac Characteristics:

Adds a good mouth feel, Controls phase separation, imparts and controls viscosity, enhances spreadability, Extends shelf life, Forms a reversible or non-thermo-non-reversible gel, has Great water binding capabilities under various conditions, Prevents synerisis (water getting out due to thermal shock etc.), slows crystal growth, Suspends the particulate matter

Food Category Usages:

Bakery products, Beverages, Carbonated beverages, Concentrates and ades, Confectionary, Desserts, Dough conditioners, Edible films, fibre drinks, Formed foods, Frozen foods, Glazes, Gravies, Ice cream, Jellies, Meat, Meat products, Non-dairy creamers, Noodles, Pasta, Pudding, Cream, Yogurt

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GLUKOM T30 (high viscosity Konjac Gum)

Industry wise Application Of Konjac Gum Powder

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