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Cassia Tora Gum

Cassia Tora Gum Powder

Cassia Tora and Obtusifolia are the two very similar looking seeds that are wildly grown in many parts of India. Seeds of Cassia Tora/Obtusifolia are collected by the native people and processed by the industry to get Cassia splits which are then used to produce the powder.

Cassia Gum comprises (is comprised of) 75% polysaccharide consisting primarily of a linear chain of 1,4- -D-mannopyranose units with 1,6 linked -D-galactopyranose units. The ratio of mannose to galactose is about 5:1.


  • Easy dispersion and viscosity with the increasing temperature.
  • Exponential increase in viscosity with anincrease in concentration.
  • Neutral Polysaccharide that is mostly not affected by the presence of other electrolytes.
  • Good stability at a wide range of pH but unstable in a very strong acid ambient
  • High stability in retorted processes.
  • Good freeze thaw stability
  • Interactivity with other hydro-colloids (carrageenan, xanthan gum and agar-agar). This can lead to a synergy and have a considerable effect on the consistency and elasticity with an improvement in stability when freezing/melting and provide a better resistance to gelatinization as well.
Cassia Tora Gum Powder


Ice Creams, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, sauces in general, Cheese, Sweets, Jams, Ready Soups, Dessert, Pet food, Processed meat, babyfood etc.


  • LBCOL GM15 (Medium viscosity pet food grade)
  • LBCOL GM20 (High viscosity pet food grade)
  • LBCOL 100 (medium viscosity food grade)
  • LBCOL 200 (High viscosity food grade)
  • LBCOL HVC (Very high viscosity food grade)
Cassia Tora Gum Powder for Food

Two of our Group subsidiaries Sarda Gums & Chemicals and Sarda Starch are the highly specialised producers with world’s largest capacities which produce advanced versions of Cassia Tora Gum. Some of our finest Cassia Tora Gum grades for use in Food or Pet food are:

  • LBCOL-100 the crude type for Pet Food with multiple specifications to select
  • LBCOL-200 the semi refined Pet food and Food type with multiple specifications to select
  • LBCOL-300 the refined (clarified) Cassia Gum for use in food, air freshener
  • LBCOL-400 the transparent grade of Cassia Gum for use in food, air freshener
Cassia Tora Gum Powder For Pet Food

Industry wise Application Of Cassia Tora Gum Powder

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Grade Type

Grade Type Particle size Usage
Economic Semi Refined 80-100 Mesh Pet Food, Industrial
Premium Semi Refined 100-125 Mesh Pet Food, Industrial
Economic Refined 80-100 Mesh Food & Pet Food
Premium Refined 100-125 Mesh Food & Pet Food
Premium Super Refined 125-150 Mesh Food
Premium Ultra Refined 125-150 Mesh Food, Pharmaceutical, Peronal Care

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Having been serving the world with speciality hydrocolloids for more than 50 years now, Sarda Group companies produce various plant-derived gums that make us truly the hydrocolloid people. We provide solutions for Food, Feed and Industrial applications all over the world.


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