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  • TAMARIND SEED: THE SOURCE OF POLYSACCHARIDE AND XYLOGLUCAN (11/8/2019) by admin - An all-rounder of thickeners and complete package of features Tamarindus Indica is a leguminous plant hailing from the Fabaceae family. The plant is popularly grown in abundance in the Indian sub-continent and source of various benefits in Food, Feed and Polysaccharide world. India is the major producer and exporter of tamarind seed gum and tamarind pulp to all over the world. Tamarindus Indica is a perennial shrub that grows up to 18 meters of height, with its crown forming an… Continue Reading
  • PSYLLIUM HUSK: A PERFECT BLEND OF GEOGRAPHICAL ENVIRONMENTS (10/25/2019) by Pankaj Sarda - Psyllium or Isagbol are the popular names used for the plant genus Plantago that are used for the commercial production of mucilage. India provides nearly 80% of psyllium husk powder all around the world. It is a native plant of India which is now globally exported because of its versatile attributes. It is used in a bunch of applications in numerous industries. India has the perfect climate to grow psyllium crops. Environmental conditions that are suitable for the growth of… Continue Reading
  • GUAR GUM: A BOON TO WATER BINDING TO FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES (10/11/2019) by Pankaj Sarda - Guar gum is an agro product that is derived from the endosperm of the guar (cluster) bean. A mechanical process of roasting, differential attrition, sieving and polishing take place to separate the gum part from the seed which is further powdered for utility. It can swell up to 10-20x due to its high water holding capacity and gel-forming ability. Commonly known as guar gum, it is an economic additive for a wide range of applications in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals,… Continue Reading
  • LOCAL AND GLOBAL BENEFITS OF GUAR GUM (9/20/2019) by Pankaj Sarda - Guar gum is a product that is extracted from the endosperm of the guar plant. For the last few decades, India is the largest producer and exporter of guar gum. It is mainly grown in parts of Rajasthan and Haryana. India has all the favourable factors to grow guar crops, making it the largest producer of guar gum. Guar plant has the ability to grow in several kinds of soils. The crop also improves the soil quality with the help… Continue Reading
  • GUAR GUM SPLITS VS. GUAR GUM POWDER (9/6/2019) by Pankaj Sarda - Guar gum start out as Guar seeds. Guar gum is the final farm products from guar crops. The seeds are separated from the crops using gravitational force. These seeds are then processed to make guar gum splits. It is then these splits are grounded until they become the final powdered form. This powder is called Guar Gum Powder that has extensive applications throughout various industry verticals. The uses of Guar gum powder range from food to pharmaceutical manufacturers, it has… Continue Reading
  • GUAR : CROP OF FARMER’S CHOICE (8/28/2019) by Pankaj Sarda - For global annual Guar production, India accounts for 80% of the crop yield beside Pakistan that has about 20% share for it. In India, Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat have the most suitable weather and soil conditions fit for farming. The stretch further pulls up in North West across the adjoining border of Pakistan and includes Punjab and Sindh areas across the India-Pakistan border. India has a bigger coverage and thus a higher yield. Additionally, fair trading practices coupled with better… Continue Reading
  • HYDROCOLLOIDS: AN OVERVIEW (8/17/2019) by Pankaj Sarda - They are hydrophilic, long-chain or complex chain, high molecular weight molecules with colloidal properties. Now, this is a little technical jargon, in simple expression we can call them gum. They get mixed in water and water turns into a thick and gummy solution. Now that we an understanding of what is a hydrocolloid, naturally our next question is where do they come from? Hydrocolloids have been a part of human civilization for a long time. Derived from various agricultural sources… Continue Reading

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