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Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum Powder

Xanthan gum is an extracellular polysaccharide secreted by the micro-organism Xanthomonas campestris. It is produced by aerobic fermentation of glucose or sucrose solutions.

Sarda Group has a close cooperation with one of the qualitative fermentation product maker in China and offers the speciality product.

The cold water soluble Xanthan gum exhibits highly pseudoplastic flow and synergistic interaction with many galactomannans derived from Guar, Cassia, Carob bean etc.

The effective water binding imparted by Xanthan Gum is highly stable against high acidic, salt, oil, sugar or electrolyte conditions.

Xanthan Gum Powder



  • Sarcol FX (high purity food grades)
  • Sarcol FT (transparent type)
  • Sarcol FG (economic industrial use)
Xanthan Gum Powder for Food

Industry wise Application Of Xanthan Gum Powder

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