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With over 50 years of experience, we at Sarda have acquired the right to call ourselves ‘Gum Specialists’. We started with making gluten free gums derived from the plant origin and now we are truly a hydrocolloid company that is serving food, feed and industrial applications worldwide.

We have our network spread across the globe. In other words, we are nourishing the world with our specialities.


Our mission is to create a bond of trust with our customers which will help us improve the customer relationships.


Keeping an eye on our customers’ demands helps us to improve and to work with consistency, competence and excellence.


We value you and your work, so we provide you a good value for your money.

Simple, Innovative & Available

Innovation is all about generating new ideas and converting them into productive aspects. At Sarda we believe in innovation and highly prioritize your ease of accessibility.

Besides, we also assure you an around-the-clock assistance for all your dilemmas, because Sarda Gum is an open door for those who seek excellence.


Sarda Group has completed a glorious half century. A seedling of foundation planted by Mr. Giridharilal Sarda, has now developed into a fully grown tree with its branches extended across the globe. He named this tree “Sarda Gums and Chemicals” which is now globally known as a supplier of Guar Gum Powder. Sarda Bio Polymers is now biggest branch of this tree. Our four different Guar Gum manufacturing plants have always been leading in terms of technology.

Girdharilal Sarda

Pankaj Sarda

Pankaj Sarda


Having been serving the world with speciality hydrocolloids for more than 50 years now, Sarda Group companies produce various plant-derived gums that make us truly the hydrocolloid people. We provide solutions for Food, Feed and Industrial applications all over the world.


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