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Pankaj Sarda

Executive Officer

Mr. Pankaj Sarda is an experienced R&D professional and is known for developing effective solutions based on gums. He always gets inspired and challenges himself when it comes to meeting new demands or solving problems in texturizing gum and water binders. Ever since he joined the family business, he has added many feathers to the cap by adhering to stringent quality norms. He brings in the value through strong liaison between internal departments for effective costs to product satisfaction to client retention.

His knack for planning, organising and executing the tasks in a systematic manner has changed the outlook and took company to a new professional level. He guides his team through technical trainings, efficient production scheduling and meeting deadlines.

Pankaj Sarda


Our mission is to establish a bond of trust with our customers that will help us to lead an unending path of success.


By having our eyes on the customers’ demands, we always work for consistency, competence and excellence.


We value your work and therefore we owe to supply you the quality, safety and purity.

Having been serving the world with speciality hydrocolloids for more than 50 years now, Sarda Group companies produce various plant-derived gums that make us truly the hydrocolloid people. We provide solutions for Food, Feed and Industrial applications all over the world.


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